Frequently Asked Questions

How is the building delivered?

The building is delivered in single panel sections, the number and size of panel are dependant on the type of building ordered. Buildings over 12ft in length are made in two or more separate panels. Please check with office at the time of ordering.

What do I need to do to take delivery only.

To be able to take delivery of your building, you need to ensure there is an area to stand the building . The unloading point should not be more than 50 meters from the base. Please Note: Due to Health and Safety our crew can not lift any sections over walls, roofs or fencing

We recommend that panel sizes are checked to allow access through archways and doors.

When should I expect to hear about my delivery date?

Our office aim to contact you 24 - 48 hours with a delivery date, from receipt of order.

Can I request a particular date for delivery?

You can request a delivery date, these are only on request and can not be guaranteed

Can I change my delivery date?

Delivery dates can be changed by telephone, you must give least five working days notice. A charge will be added if a date is changed less than five days before delivery.

Can I request a certain time of delivery?

Our deliveries are classed as all day, between the hours of 8am to 4pm. However, our office staff can request that the driver contact you on the day of delivery to give you an estimated time of their arrival but this is a guide only as we cannot accommodate unforeseen circumstances due to traffic or delivery delays.

Will the delivery crew need help?

Our delivery team consists of two people at all times. No help is required.

Will the delivery crew take the building through the house?

No. Our delivery team are not insured to take any part of the building through the house. If in doubt ask the office.

What size lorry will my building be delivered on?

We operate 3.5t and 7.5t lorries, your building could arrive on any of these vehicles. You must inform the office of any access issues you for see at the point of ordering, so the necessary arrangements can be made.

Can we have a Saturday or Sunday delivery?

In most circumstances, we do not deliver at weekends.

Can the delivery be made to a different address?

We can deliver the shed to a different address to invoice, we will require both invoice address for payment and delivery address. This need to be in writing by post, fax or e-mail.

Can the delivery crew take my old shed away?

No. Unfortunately we can not offer this service

Am I in the delivery area?

Please check with the office for delivery area. 01842 810941

Erection of my building

Our free erection service, where applicable is at the time of delivery, there is no exception to this. If we are unable to erect your garden building due to base access or base preparation the building will be delivered only. If you require us to return to erect the building a minimum charge of £55.00 is payable in advance to our visit.

Please check the following to ensure that the garden building is delivered and erected with no problems.

1. Access from the lorry to the base must be clear, and no more than 50 meters, check for height restrictions including door heights, height of arches, top rails over gates, hanging baskets and washing lines. Also check for access to the base making sure that all garden furniture is moved, children toys, swing sets, slides and that pets are kept indoors. Also check that there is no sharp or narrow bends to carry sections round. Please note that due to health and safety our delivery crew are unable to lift panels over walls, garage roofs or fencing. Please let the office no if you foresee a problem.

2. Working Area- The base must be clear of all overhanging branches or shrubs to at least 7’ high and the base should have the minim of 12” clearance all round for the delivery crew to erect the building and for future maintenances by your selves.

Please note that it is the customers responsibility to ensure all of the above requirements are met. Our delivery crew will not under any circumstance prepare any unsuitable base.

If in doubt ring the office immediately 01842 810941.

Preparation of base.

The base must be square, level and firm. We recommend that you have a slab base. We do recommend that some of our building have a full concrete base, please check with the office first before laying the concrete base.

Please note that unlevelled bases can cause the shed floors to move and bounce when walking across. If re-delivery is required due to base not being prepared a minim charge of £55.00 is payable in advance to our visit.

Slab Base When laying slabs it is important to ensure that the slabs are laid on firm ground using sharp sand and a spirit level. The whole area do not need to be slabbed , just the area that the base beams are to rests on. These base beams are supplied free with your garden building (not the economy range), please check with the office the direction of your base beams as not all beams are laid the same direction. The base beams are 3“ x 2“ treated timber which are placed between the shed floor joist and the concrete slab, this will contribute towards a stable construction.

Concrete Base. Please check with the office before starting a base.

General Questions

Will My Building Require Planning Permission?

If the building is to be used for employment or accommodation, planning permission is required. If you are unsure please check with your local council.

Can I view your range of sheds?

We have a show site at Fengate Drove, Brandon, Suffolk. IP27 0PW with a full range of buildings including summerhouse, garages, large pent, large apex, log cabins, workshop and standard garden sheds.

Will My Shed Need Treating?

All building are delivered untreated. We can offer a service for treating your building, but this is an optional extra.

What deposit is required?

A deposit of 20% is required at the time of ordering. This can be paid by credit card, cheque or debit card.

When is the balance required?

The balance is required 7days before delivery. This can be paid by credit card, cheque or debit card.

Can I change the position of my doors and windows?

Doors and windows can be placed to the customer design. Please note that the office require a confirmation of your design.

Why choose B & B Betts for your garden building.

* We have been manufacturing garden buildings for over 40years.

* Each building is manufactured to customers own specification. (Log cabins not included)

* We have no hidden charges.

* Prices include VAT, floor, glass, felt, and a damp proof lining.(Log cabins not included)

* Local delivery included.

* Erection is included on all ranges. (except Log Cabins or Star range, which is an optional extra)

* Shed framing is 2”x2” double at corners, 3”x2” for doors to hinge and close on.

* Sheds up to 10’ x 8’ are made in full length sections and not modules.

* Payment can be made by credit or debit card.

* Free brochure and price list available. Please phone.